Txema López Toastmaster

Txema López Toastmaster

Since 1999 I have performed as a master of ceremonies and officiating civil ceremonies all kinds of ceremonies, from the most formal and serious to the most imaginative and fun.

I think this is a vocational work because you intervene in people’s real moments and feelings. It is true that as an actor since 1988 I have done all kinds of roles in film, television, series, etc … but none of them affects you as much as the master of ceremonies because you get to get excited with real feelings and live.

The success as a master of ceremonies or civil wedding officiant I owe perhaps to the experience of talking to many couples both in person and by Skype (we also do weddings in English) and eventually guess the type of ceremony that the bride and groom want through talking and sharing a coffee or several, jejejeje.

After many couples thanked me for the advice I offered and put into practice I decided to write a book that would help all those couples who, due to location, can not reach them and who benefit from my experience. In addition, couples who acquire this book entitled The Holy Grail Of Your Wedding, are not only discovering a totally different point of view about their wedding but they also collaborate to help many children with rare diseases where part of the benefits is destined .

As a wedding officiant I believe that I still have a thousand and one experiences to live with boyfriends as new proposals appear every day.

While it is true so far I have already performed serious civil wedding, ceremonial weddings, pleasant ceremonies, romantic ceremonies, emotional ceremonies, fun ceremonies and that on the other hand at themed weddings have already disguised me as Dark Vader, The Lord of the Rings, Roman Emperor and I do not know how many more things to perform the ceremony of his dreams, I am sure that yours will be totally different and personal.

If there are not two equal couples, why should your wedding be? 😉

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